Delighted RoadmapHere's what we're working on in Q2. Have a feature you'd like to see? Click on "Share Feedback" above. Need more detail? Click on the tiles to learn more or to vote for your favorites!
Display Additional Questions in email digest

View your Additional Question responses right in your inbox as part of our refreshed email digest.

Properties support for Surveys

Introducing support for properties on Delighted Surveys.

Shopify Checkout Integration

Integrate Delighted surveys into your checkout experience within Shopify (eg. How Did You Hear About Us?)

Display Additional Questions on Dashboard

Ability to display responses to Additional Questions on Dashboard tiles for responses where comment page is skipped

Multiple questions per page

Support for multiple Surveys questions on a single page (to be supported alongside the single question per page, sequential UX for Surveys)

Web platform for Surveys (✅ Done)

Web-based distribution method for Delighted Surveys.

Single Page Customization

We'll be consolidating all your survey customization + look & feel adjustment in one place. No more clicking back-and-forth!

Tabs for Surveys index (✅ Done)

Effectively categorize your surveys - keeping the most active surveys top-of-mind!

Link-first onboarding

Creating a new CX project? Don't worry about distribution right away. We'll keep platform select at the end of your onboarding experience to help get you focused on what matters - customization.

Include new survey type tile for Surveys (✅ Done)

Interim solution to surface Surveys as a Survey Type option while we fully revamp the CX onboarding flow.

✨ AI Smart Trends

AI supported Trend creation; slight data presentation tweak on Trends view.

General CX onboarding updates

Handful of other product improvements are on the way for CX onboarding - we'll post those here as they come up!

Clickable response tiles for CX (✅ Done)

Response tiles are clickable and expand the detailed permalink page.

Annual allotment plans (✅ Done)

Launching annual plans with a bucket of volume to be used as needed over the entire year vs. a per month basis.

Email Digest updates

Updating Delighted CX digests to include a wider range of metrics and design updates.

Android SDK Launch (✅ Done)

Launching Delighted's Android SDK.

✨ AI Recommended Questions - Follow-up

Reviewing + incorporating customer feedback following the first quarter of AI recommended questions.

Update API Version for Klaviyo integration (✅ Done)

Klaviyo is deprecating their v1/v2 API endpoints on June 30, 2024; Delighted will update the integration endpoints to maintain integration functionality.

Projects nav dropdown

Creating parity in our CX top nav with My Surveys index on the Delighted Surveys' product.

Capture CX project name as default property / pass to syncing integrations

Capture CX project name as default property to better support multi-project programs in their use of syncing integrations

Sign In / Sign Up pages

Revamping our sign up / sign in pages for and improved user experience when accessing any Delighted product.